Dies ist ein Sandkasten zum Spielen und Testen.

Ein Code-Block:

\shadedraw[shading=color wheel]
  [l-system={rule set={F -> F-F++F-F}, step=2pt, angle=60,
   axiom=F++F++F, order=4}
] lindenmayer system -- cycle;

Es gibt auch \emph{inline}-Code.

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  1. Hi!
    I would like to use Scribus and Latex to write brochure in Arabic and German. I tried it with render frame but id does not work. Although I have the Arabic letters properly in Laex pro (TexMaker etc.) I got error message in Scribus. I use Ubuntu 12.04, Win7 and Win xp.
    I would be very grateful, if you can help me how to make it correctly. Perhaps you have already a tutorial or video tutorial.
    You can answer me also in German.
    Best wishes,
    Aziz Saad.

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